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Mortgage Calculator and Other Resources

Here you will find various information and mortgage calculator tools that will assist you in meeting your financial goals or answer any questions you may have.

Use our handy Mortgage Payment Calculator and Maximum Mortgage Calculator to help find the right mortgage for you. We are here to help you, so if you can’t find what you’re looking for here, just contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

If you have a specific question that is not covered in this section, please send us an email, you are never under any obligation. We are here to help you and make this the best experience possible.

Mortgage Calculators

Mortgage Payment Calculator

Property Price$Down Payment$
Interest Rate%Years
Monthly Payment$Change any combination of fields to calculate.

Maximum Mortgage Calculator

This mortgage calculator is to help you get a rough idea of your maximum mortgage amount. To get a more accurate assessment, please fill out out online application form.

You will need to try and get a good idea of your monthly “Maximum Mortgage Payment” amount. To do this you will need to spend a few minutes taking into consideration all of the following:

  • Your gross monthly household income
  • Anticipated monthly heating costs
  • Anticipated property tax per year divided into monthly
  • Anticipated monthly condo fees (if any)
  • Monthly total of debt repayments (including minimum required on credit card balances)

Once you have taken into account everything that you can think of, and have determined what you can afford to pay monthly, please enter that number into the “Maximum Mortgage Payment” field below. You will also need to know what the likely mortgage interest rate will be, as well as the amortization (likely 25 years).


Blank Mortgage Application that you can download and fax in. (PDF)

Resource Centre

Answers to common questions

1. Buying a home – Step by Step

How to Buy Your First Home…the Easy Way!

Avoid the 10 Most Common, Painful, Frustrating Mistakes First Time Home Buyers Make!

1. Inspect – Get a home inspection done and review carefully.
2. Picture the house – Look at the house as if your furniture is in it.
3. Discuss – Review your finances with us to maximize your home and lifestyle together.
4. Shop – View several homes, don’t buy the first one you look at, put a deposit to hold if necessary.
5. Review – We are here for you, keep communication open along the way to aid your decision.
6. Be Vigilant – Ensure you have reviewed all costs, ensure everything works, ask lots of questions.
7. Final Walk Through – Ensure the property is exact as per contract.
8. Be Flexible – Prepare for unexpected changes in dates – these can happen in Real Estate.
9. Get it in Writing – Ensure all agreements are in writing.
10. Be Open – Ensure the accuracy and integrity of all your discussions & documents.

Tips on how to make your home sell faster!

1. Clean Up – Ensure cleanliness both inside and out – try for an elegant look.
2. Fix Up – Ensure everything is in good working order – New paint does wonders!
3. Organized – Ensure your home is organized – Closet organizers look great!
4. Flooring – Clean & Bright – if worn consider replacing or steam cleaning!
5. Music – Play it safe, turn your music off!
6. Fireplace – Unless it’s summer, show it off and have it going.
7. Lights – Make sure your home is well lit, dark rooms raise suspicion – open the curtains!
8. Pets – If you have them, ensure they are out of sight and no odors are present.
9. Showings – Be ready at all times in case of a spontaneous drop-in by a realtor with a client.
10. Privacy – It’s best not to be home so the buyers are completely at ease.
11. Marketing Materials – Ensure they are handy for the buyers to take.

Alternate Financing

1. Self Employed, low income – Little as 5% down if credit is very good and self employed for 2 years+
2. Self Declared income – 75% purchase or refinance on self declared income letter!
3. Low Doc – 15% down purchase only – 2 years self employment history with good credit.
4. No Down Payment – 100% financing is still available with us!
5. Flex Down – Borrow for the down payment and get the best rate possible!
6. Bad Credit – up to 75% financing for purchase or 65% refinance!
7. Private Mortgage – up to 85% second mortgage based on equity only.

Numerous options – one will be right for you!

Establish / Re-Establish your credit

A Home Trust Secured Visa can get you the credit needed in today’s fast paced world!
mortgage calculator establish credit

Understanding your Credit Score

mortgage calculator credit-score-criteria

Using Your RRSP- “Home Buyers Plan”

The Federal Home Buyers Plan allows first time home buyers to withdraw up to $20,000 from their RRSP for the purpose of buying or building a qualifying home. The primary benefits are that the RRSP issuer will not withhold tax on the amount nor will you have to claim the amount as income. The amount must be repaid to the RRSP within 15 years with a minimum annual payment of 1/15th of the amount withdrawn. If a repayment is not made for a given year the minimum repayment is included as taxable income for that year.


To participate you have to withdraw the amount from your RRSP using form T1036 Applying To Withdraw An Amount Under The Home Buyers Plan. Give the completed form to the RRSP issuer along with the certification that you meet or intend to meet certain conditions as follows:


  • You have to make your withdrawal request in the same year you wish to participate in the Home Buyers Plan
  • You cannot have previously participated in the plan in previous years.
  • You have to be a resident of Canada
  • You have to enter into a written agreement to buy or build a qualifying home
  • You can withdraw a total of $25,000. Multiple withdrawals are allowed. Each of you and your Spouse can participate in the Plan and withdraw $25,000 from your own RRSPs.
  • You have to be considered a First Time Home Buyer

A qualifying home is a housing unit located in Canada. Existing homes and homes under construction are both qualifying homes and can be either:

  • Single Detached Family Homes
  • Semi Detached
  • Town Home
  • Mobile Home
  • Condominium Unit
  • Apartment in a Duplex, Triplex, Four-plex or apartment building.
  • A Share in a Cooperative Housing Corporation, provided the share entitles you to posses, and gives an equity stake in, a housing unit.

First Time Home Buyer

You are considered a first time home buyer if you have not owned a home while you occupied it as your principal place of residence for five years. At any time in the fifth calendar year since you last owned a home you can qualify

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