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Looking for the best mortgage solutions? You Found your source!! First-time homebuyer? Refinancing? Consolidating? Self employed? Bad credit? We can help!

Mortgage Results is diffrent than the Banks and most others in that we get to know you and create a complete financial solution to meet your specific needs. We have the experience to get it done, and to get it done right so that it maximizes your unique lifestyle. We will review the entire process with you so you are well informed and see the benefits of customizing your mortgage in order to pay it off faster while saving on interest. Canadian mortgage solutions for Calgary, Edmonton & all Alberta

Here you will find some basic information on various mortgage types, but rest asured we will meet with you in person or any other way you prefer, analyze your situation, and create a unique mortgage solution customized to you!

It doesn’t matter your current situation – we will create and work with you to create a game plan to get you on the road to financial freedom! Alberta mortgages

  • Purchase / Purchase plus improvements
  • Refinance (Dedicated Page)
  • Consolidate
  • First-Time Buyer
  • Self Employed / No Income
  • No Hassle Transfer
  • Bad Credit / Second Mortgage (Dedicated Page)

Mortgage solutions



Professional mortgage solutionsFor most Canadians, owning their own home is a life-long dream. It brings with it pride of ownership, security and the feeling of control over which improvements are made and how much they cost. There’s also the probability  your home will increase in value, making it a sound financial decision as well as a lifestyle investment.

Congratulations!!! – We are here to help every step of the way and even have forged strong relationships in all the areas involved so we can help from start to finish. After all, the right people get it done right and make the adventure as rewarding as humanly possible.

The most important factor to look for when you are thinking of purchasing a new home is experience. We have over 25 years of experience to get the job done and get you the absolute lowest rate possible and save you money! We have also established associations in the Real Estate market and Legal representation to assist you with your purchase, so when ready – simply apply online with our secure application. We will usually get back to you in under 1 hour! And did you know you can add improvements to your purchase price? New carpetting, new bathroom, dream kitchen – what ever makes your new home your castle, contact us now and we can fill you in!

The most common mortgages for a purchase are as follows:

High Ratio

When you purchase with 0 – 19% down, it will be done in one of four ways:

  • CMHC insured
  • GE Capital insured
  • CG Insured
  • Non Insured lenders


When you purchase a home with a down payment of 20% or more of the purchase price, your mortgage in underwritten conventionally and not insured by CMHC, Genworth or Canada Guaranty. An appraisal is usually required when not insured.

First Time Buyer

A first time buyer will qualify for a mortgage in the normal manner with one added benefit. If you are a first time buyer you are able to withdraw from your existing RSP’s to a maximum of $25,000.00 for your down payment. For more information, please view our Resource Centre.

Self Employed

See section below for specific options as Mortgage Results opens the doors to Self Employed clients that the Banks have shut!


Similar to “self employed,” purchase is based on 0 – 85% of the property. Income and credit history are flexible.



You can re-mortgage your home to consolidate your outstanding debt. With credit cards, auto loans and other borrowing avenues still at rates as high as 32%, consolidating your debt could reduce your monthly payments into one, low monthly payment and save you thousands!!

Reduce Your Monthly Payments!
Here is a quick example of what you could be saving based on an average families credit balances:

Professional mortgage solutions consolidate-example
Example illustrates a total debt load of $320,000.00 Refinanced at 2.69% fixed for a 5 year term & 25 year amortization. rates and terms are subject to variation

Professional mortgage solutions broker consolidateSave On Interest
Based on the average credit cards rates these days a debt consolidation will save you thousands of dollars. You also have the ability to customize your new mortgage to pay it down faster than a standard mortgage.

Eliminate Late Payment Fees
Did you know that some creditors actually charge late payment fees which gets added to the balance of your account! A debt consolidation will further eliminate these fees and keep your own money in your pocket!

Stop Creditor Harassment
If you are having a hard time like many people these days with keeping up with your payments, you may start getting phone calls from the collection or accounts receivables department of your creditors requesting an immediate payment. A debt consolidation will eliminate these phone calls and save you money!

Improve Your Quality of Life
Based on the example in the top section, a debt consolidation will drastically reduce your payment load which will improve your quality of life and give you the freedom to enjoy life to its fullest extent. Having a reduced payment load could enable you to go on that much needed vacation, and even save money for that rainy day that comes all too often!

First-Time Buyer

First-Time Buyer

Professional mortgage solutions img_homeFor most Canadians, owning their own home is a life-long dream. It brings with it pride of ownership, security and the feeling of control over which improvements are made and how much they cost. There’s also the chance your home will increase in value, making it a sound financial as well as a lifestyle investment.

Where do I start?
The first step is to apply either on-line using the “Apply Now” button, by fax (download the application). It helps having the application before we meet so we can do some preliminary credit and underwriting work prior to meeting with you to discuss your mortgage needs. We strongly believe in face-to-face meetings as it gives us an opportunity to see how much information you know about mortgages. If you are already an expert, or know the product you want, great. But if you are a beginner, you will have many questions and an hour of “Mortgage 101” with us is strongly suggested.

Professional mortgage solutions first_timeOur goal is to take out all the confusion and stress and make this a truely wonderful experience! We help from start to finish and can even help with all related services including a realtor’s representation as it’s also important to have an independent realtor looking out for your best interests!

Self Employed / No Income

Self Employed / No Income

Professional mortgage solutions contractorSelf employed or not declaring all your income? We have the answer for you! Banks may close the door but we open them for you.

Self Employed clients are our specialty. We now have a broad variety of products to suit your needs with as little as 10% down at fully discounted rates!!

These are some of the most common methods. We do assess all clients individually, and everyone is unique:

First Choice
10% down payment for purchase, proof of 2 years continuous self employment. good credit, no personal taxes outstanding. 2 year average of grossed up income.
Second Choice
10% down payment for purchase, proof of 2 years continuous self employment. good credit, no personal taxes outstanding. We will fill you in on the details!
Third Choice
15% down payment for purchase, proof of 2 years continuous self employment. Good credit minimum. We will fill you in on the details! 80% Refinance – same conditions as above
Fourth Choice
20 – 25% Purchase – Self declared letter, must have average – good credit. Verification of 6+ months self employed!
Fifth Choice
20-35% Down Purchase or refinance, self declared income letter. Verification of 6+ months self employed Credit if flexible.
Sixth Choice
Up to 85% Conventional mortgage topped with a private second. Based on Equity in the home and not the applicant. Credit and income are very flexible.

As you can see there are numerous choices for self employed people. Your bank may have closed the door, but we open them for you! We have self declared products starting at 10% down!

Our government over the past year has made it harder and harder for the average Canadian to obtain a mortgage. We have the experience and the backing of key lenders to re-open those doors and get you the home you deserve with the best mortgage available!

Send us an Email if you have any questions or need clarification.

No Hassle Transfer

No Hassle Transfer

Professional mortgage solutions front1CA nice and simple way to get the funds you need! If you have equity in your home, we have private lenders that will lend money regardless of your credit or employment at the most competitive rates in the industry!

Introducing our new “no-hassle” transfer

While mortgage transfers have been a great alternative when you want to consolidate in the same process, it has proved cumbersome if there are no additional funds advanced. Documentation demands, pressure tactics and rate games from the original financial institution, as well as the costs involved doesn’t make the process very attractive.

My Best Mortgages’s switch program aims to improve this process through minimum documentation requirements, value added services and My Best Mortgage’s industry leading service and low rates.

Our Switch/Transfer program includes:

  • All legal and appraisal costs (including title insurance)
  • Home Warranty coverage for one year
  • EASY SWITCH – Little employment documentation required when mortgage renewal provided (My Best Mortgage will confirm income from EASY SWITCH form which is completed at the time of application.

Our Minimum requirements are:

  • Minimum Term 3 years
  • Minimum Amortization 10 years
  • Minimum Loan Amount $75,000

Switches not available for: Private mortgages, Line of Credit, Step and Split level mortgages

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this program.

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