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Refinance Mortgage Canada

Refinance Mortgage – did you know that you can refinance your mortgage in Canada for up to 80% of your home’s value?

With the significant appreciation of housing prices in the recent years, and the current stabilization of our markets – many Home Owners have decided to unlock the value of their homes by refinancing their mortgage for a variety of purposes which are always in their best interest, including:

  • Asset enhancement
  • Debt consolidation, such as credit card, car loan and/or line of credit – can save thousands in interest and cut payments!
  • Combining first and second mortgages
  • Renovations
  • Acquire a better rate and or terms
  • Customize your mortgage to achieve a better quality of life while custom designing your mortgage to YOUR needs
  • Vacation property or real Estate investment

A few questions about a mortgage refinance to consider:

  • Are you making multiple (four or five) different payments each month and yet going no where?
  • Do you find yourself making minimum payments each month?
  • Are other creditors charging interest rates that are higher than today’s current mortgage rates?
  • Do you wish you had more money to purchase stocks, bonds or make other investments?

If you answered yes, Mortgage Results can help you refinance your mortgage in Canada. We are here to answer your questions, help determine your needs and take you through the process quickly and efficiently—with the lowest refinance rates around. We customize your mortgage to suit YOUR needs! No other Broker or lender will spend the same amount of time with you to achieve YOUR financial goals! We will maximize your quality of life while paying down your mortgage quicker as the best mortgage, is NO mortgage!

Your mortgage refinance – our lower rates & custom mortgage solution!

Contact us or apply online today.

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Consolidate Debts

mortgage refinance CalgaryIf your monthly bills have gotten out of control, you might be able to refinance your home and pay them off. The advantage of doing this is to lower your total monthly payments.

I can review your situation and make a recommendation.

Refinance Mortgage – Refinancing a 1st & 2nd Mortgage Into a New First Mortgage

If you have two mortgages on the same property, you can combine them into a new first mortgage even up to 80% value of the home!

Financing a Renovation

refinance mortgage CalgaryIf you plan major renovations (spending over $10,000), it could be less painful to add to your existing mortgage as opposed to a loan or line of credit. Also, You can use the equity in your home to finance the purchase of investments, that can maximize your net worth. Whether you are developing your basement, renovating your bathroom, or even adding a hot tub! A new 1st or 2nd mortgage is the best way to go!

Purchase of Investments

You can use the equity in your home to finance the purchase of investments, Revenue Properties, R.R.S.P.’s, Stocks, anything that you have been wanting to maximize your net worth and improve your quality of life. Borrow at 2.69% & Earn up to 18% on a second Mortgage!

Purchase of Investment Property

If you have the equity and have a desire to be a landlord, you could take equity out of your property by refinancing the mortgage to use towards the purchase of an investment property.

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